Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Workshop Begins on Monday

Hi everyone, first, let me thank all of those who offered their support and advice yesterday regarding my horrible experience at the groomer for my sweet Frida.  I am definitely working on it and hopefully this will not happen to another dog again.

Now , I would like to invite you all to check out the new workshop that starts on Monday over at Willowing & Friends.  Tam is an amazing teacher and the group of ladies who take this course are just awesome. You will definitely come out learning so much from her you will not regret it.  She also offeres a free workshop which thousands have already taken. She has a heart of Gold and simply just helps you heal through your art process.  I highly recommend it.  Check it out; here


  1. Tam's free workshop was fantastic. I learned so much from her. I'm sure her new workshop will be very successful

  2. How did you create your Artist in Training top panel? I love how unique it is, how it displays you, your art and reflections... I really like it!!!!