Monday, June 13, 2011

Kindred Spirits Project

Hey, how have you all been doing? I've been really lousy at posting lately. The good news is that I've been actually CREATING...YAY. !!! In between visits from the kids, my aching joints I've actually done something. I can't believe how many workshops and classes are out there these days. It's really hard to decide which ones to take. I've also been doing a lot of reading which I had slacked off of for awhile there. If you haven't read the book, Space Between Us..can't remember the author, you really would enjoy it. I'm reading , Room right now. It's keeping my interest so far.
Well, over at Roses on My Table, they have a project going on for one of the ladies who is dealing with health issues. We wanted to brighten up her mood and let her know how much she is thought of and prayed for, so we have gotten quite a few members to create a page for her that will be made into a book and sent to her. You should see the beautiful work these ladies have created for her. My contribution to this project is right here;

front page.

back page.

My last post I mentioned I was working with a new technique which I totally fell in love with. I began making small pieces and then I decided I wanted to go bigger. This piece is about 36 x 24 and it is totally done on wood.

I've got a few others to post but I will wait til tomorrow since it is my last day with Paulette Insalls calls Divine Romance. Awesome class, very unique experience.
Well, take care ladies..stay busy and create ....Blessings. !!!