Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Round Robin Comes Home

Happy Wednesday to you all..!!  It's been a really long day for me today.  Visit with Dr. and need to get my cholesterol DOWN..:-o.  Yikes. !!!  I love sweets , so that's gonna be a challenge ...but YES I CAN. 
I received my round robin art journal this weekend and I was so excited.  It's been traveling all over  and it's last stop was Canada.  If anyone doesn't know what a Round Robin is, well, it's when a select number of people choose to create an art journal and mail it to each other with a theme. Each person then creates a page for the person and keeps passing it on til yours comes back to you.  It really truly is awesome to get it back and see all the wonderful pages created with your theme in mind.  Here are a few of the pages from mine....thanks to all the wonderful ladies who took the time to create a page for me....Blessings & Hugs to all of you. !!

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