Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WTH ....!!!!!!!

Well, this morning I was in my workshop and looked out my window to see that my two usually flowering bushes had practically no leaves on them..hmmm. !!! So, I decided to investigate. Lo and behold as I got closer to them I saw these orange slinky things all over , not only the scrubs, but most of my plants. I have no idea what the heck they are. They definitely look like caterpillars and they definitely weave some kind of cocoon ....soooo, am I going to have lots of Does anyone know what these are...please let me know. I have no clue...are they harmless or do I need to get rid of them...they're cute..:-).

OK, so if anyone has any info, please, please let me know.

Now, here is a pic of one of my newest journal pages. It's been a little tough for me to get painting these last few days. My joints are really hurting and it's not easy to get my arm in motion for too long....I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day. Blessings to you all..!!


  1. eeek! Don't know what they are.. maybe some kind of moth? But it can't be a good thing, right? I like your journal page.

  2. Love your journal pages and artwork!

    Those caterpillars don't look like they will turn into butterflies. You might be able to submit your photo to to see if they can help identify. I know that when I go to a hardware store they have a huge book you can look through to see a pic to identify and list ways of getting rid of them.

  3. Thanks Janine for your kind words. I sent a few pics of these caterpillars to the site you posted. I'm waiting for an answer. Thanks so much for giving me the info. I'll post it when they give me an answer . Thanks again...Blessings to you. !!