Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hey all, today is my DD's 15th wedding anniversary. Yes, 15 yrs. I can remember quite well when she saw that young man outside the window of our home and said to me "mom, it's him, he's the one". I said "yeah, OK"...and now she has 2 beautiful boys and he is still the one. We often overlook certain milestones in our lives and I believe that we should definitely celebrate every single one. Now, don't get me wrong I don't mean go out and party and go wild. I mean, take a few moments and remember , savor that day or moment all over again and tell the people whom you shared it with, "Thank You, I Love You, Glad you were there, Miss You, I'd do it again, Will always remember, etc. We only come through here once and it's definitely not enough but I believe that in a day there's plenty of time to make sure we share our love with all those we care about. Oh, I'm feeling mushy today...and it ain't the cold cause it's warm here where I Enjoy Life guys, it's wonderful. Here is a little tribute to my DD and my SIL. I'll be back tomorrow with some crafty stuff.....Blessings...!!!!
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