Saturday, February 19, 2011

So Bummed...!

Yes, that's right I feel so bummed out right now. As some of you have heard Borders is closing some 200 of it's stores. Well, the one that is about 3 minutes from me is one of them....buwaaaaaaaaaaaah. Where will I go when I need to relax and browse my favorite books. I can't believe it. We went this morning because of course there is an "everything MUST go" and picked up a few goodies. There is still just one they are keeping open on the island but it's a little further away from where I live. Oh well, I guess I"ll have to resort to good old Amazon...:-).

I've got a few new pics to show you, been working on some stuff and it's really good for me. I feel sooooo me when I'm engrossed in one of my creative endeavors. I'm sure most of you all understand that.

Here are a few of my art journal pages. I usually do these at night in bed watching TV. I love to sketch a few and then I go back color them in as my muse hits. I find it's the best way I can manage to be constant in producing some pages.

Now, here is the painting in started like this;

Now it's like this..;

Stayed tuned , am working on it today. Hope you all have a wonderful President's Day Weekend...Blessings..!!!!!


  1. Wonderful pages! I especially like the fairy!! Too bad about your Borders--I love to spend the afternoon browsing around the bookstore and having coffee!

  2. The pages are so pretty. Boo hoo Borders! But then, as your page shows, nothing rains on your parade.

  3. I'm so sorry your sad...and sorry Boarders is closing... I was sad to hear that the one in Kona HI is also on the list of closing... I spent many a days there. My girlfriend on the Big Island has the only other book store on the Kona side of the island. She is excited because it means more business for them... I can't help but share in your sadness...sad to lose a book store, sad for all the employees losing their jobs, sad for all the Authors, illustrators, and everyone in the community that it will effect. But most of all I'm sad because my SS in the south won't have her favorite place to go hang out...{{{{Hugs}}}}

    Now...about that incredible work your doing... I think you should get your work in greeting cards... I love your work... Love the healing entry...Love Love Love it all!!!!

    Funny... Last night when I did my journal pages for class I was in bed, watching TV and curled up in my blankets...all my art supplies spread out all over the bed. You and I are so much a

    I love your newest project...It's going to be Gorgeous... You are such an inspiration to me and everyone your art touches... which is another good reason to get your work published... I will be your biggest fan...well that is next to your ... Happy creating XOXOX