Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Soul Retrieval Session

Well, it's been an interesting week since my session on Monday night. I've gotta tell you all that my experience with Lisa was absolutely magical. I was transported to a place I had longed to go and recovered things I thought I'd lost. Lisa is a wonderful person with a great Spirit. She truly has a wonderful gift and I would totally recommend a session with her if you are interested in "finding yourself" healing , soul retrieval...etc. When we were done my time with her seemed like it had been 5 minutes rather than an hour. I couldn't believe it. Thank you Lisa for a truly unforgettable experience.

Today my DD and I went to get a new look. She has a 13 yr old and a just turned 1 yr. old...yeah, I hear ya. !!! So her hair was long and she was ready for a change and I guess so was I. I truly wanted to go shorter but just couldn't do it. She was a lot braver than I was. I know that eventually I will do it. It's just so much easier to handle and take care of especially if you are busy doing things like taking care of a baby....!!!!!! So, here is a pic of the two of was definitely lots of fun.

This is my daughter. Her hair was donated to Locks of Love. !!

This is moi..!!!



  1. Your hair looks great Yolanda!!

  2. You both look great! Locks of Love... such a good choice for your daughter.

  3. Looking good!

    It was a wonderful gift to have the opportunity to work with you in this way!