Sunday, March 13, 2011

ATC's and Tomorrow's Sesson

I've been working on a few ATC's these last few days. I've gotta say I've never really delved into the process of creating these little cards. Wow, what a challenge, so many possibilities and yet it's not a really large space to work with. The challenge in itself is getting all that's in your head down on that space..phew. !!! I decided to do them slowly and give it some thought. I guess once I get the hang of it I will go a bit faster. Wanting to create a few cards with affirmations is my goal. Anyway, this is what I've got so far.

OK, tomorrow is a day I'm very excited about. A few weeks ago I won a session with Lisa Dieken over at Dirty Footprints Studio. She is from Partnering with Spirit at Wild Creative Heart. I am looking forward to having a Soul Retrieval;

Soul Retrieval over the phone

I partner with spirit to recover aspects of your soul that are ready to be returned. The experience I have had with performing soul retrievals has been an experience of unconditional love and gentleness. Soul retrieval is used to retrieve and reintegrate pieces of your soul that have “checked-out” for some reason during this life or past lives. Soul loss can be caused by events such as accidents, war, abuse, loss of a loved-one, surgery, relationships that have ended, or perhaps a portion of your soul wasn’t recognized and nourished as you were growing up. Everyone has experienced soul loss at some time in one’s life. With the help of my Spirit Guides, I gently retrieve the soul parts that are to be returned to you at that time.

After a soul retrieval, you may feel more alive, find more joy in living, and you may find you are in better touch with your personal strengths. It is a step towards becoming more whole and a step towards becoming more of your authentic self. It can be profoundly healing and is an especially sacred event in one’s life.

Are you willing to have change occur in your life?
"People's lives do change after soul retrieval."
Sandra Ingerman, Soul Retrieval - Mending the Fragmented Self

I can't wait for tomorrow and I will definitely let you all know how the session went. I am ready ...!!!!!

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  1. Yolanda! Your ATC's are I N C R E D I B L E! WOWOWOWOW! To me you are more than an artist in training. You are it.. You are an artist. ;o)

    And deep appreciation for the mention!
    It was an incredible journey! xoxo
    Much love!