Saturday, March 5, 2011


Today, I decided to take a little time to organize my studio. My DH went to Home Depot and bought me one of these shelf units that are really nice and roomy to help organize my "stuff". Where does all this comes It seems like it grows and grows and grows while we are fast asleep. I totally love it though. There's nothing that makes me feel better than walking into the studio in the morning and seeing all the eye candy just waiting there to see who will I pick today to play with. Today, I did a little more on my mermaid painting . It may had been lots more but I did take the time to organize a bit and was really recuperating from an overnighter with my youngest grandson who just turned one. Need I say I didn't sleep much. That little one totally commanded the bed all to himself...did I sleep? NOT. It's truly OK though because I've always loved having them to cuddle at night's just heavenly. Well, enough is the pic of the progression of my mermie. I also received a lovely hand made card from my sweet friend Michelle. I will post that tomorrow so you can all see the love she sent through the mail....Enjoy your weekend...Blessings. !!!!

Hopefully tomorrow I will continue....ciao. !!

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