Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Discipline..I Need Some

Oh discipline...how difficult it is to be..arrrgh. !!!! They say it takes about 28 days to change a habit or create a new one. I wonder if that's true. Don't think I've been able to do something for 28 days straight, although maybe I have...lol. I've been trying to do a sketch a day since the beginning of the year. I've done pretty well I must admit but it definitely isn't easy. Taking some classes online and sharing with all of you has been a good thing for me to be able to reach my goal. Let's see how this continues to unfold for me. I've been taking Tamara Laporte's course "Magical Mythical Makings and this is the last week. It's sad but I've really had a blast and learned so much. I have taken all of her courses ..she is really an awesome teacher. I am posting the sketch of what is to be my next fairy painting.

I am also revamping some lampshades for my son. Will definitely post when they are finished. It's also so cool to see the before and after.

This one I worked on the other night..a little zentangled background.

Blessings , be back later. !!


  1. These are just beautiful Yolanda! I envy you... I'm no good at hands/fingers, LOL. I've done that zentangle b4... didn't know that's what it was called, that's when I'm in my doodling mode, LOL. Are you painting with acrylics? The blending and shades looks so great in your work! HUGS!!

  2. They are both really wonderful Yolanda!