Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sit and Sleep...huh?

Crap, I have been sick for the last week. It all started with a little runny nose a little stuffy. So of course it couldn't get better so it blew up into a full size phlegm fest in my chest. I didn't want to go to the Dr. because I was afraid he'd leave me in the hospital. Since I have Sacoidosis and it's in my lungs we need to be very cautious about any kind of infection or cold turning into something a lot more seirous. Soooo, my DH called him and he prescribed some antibiotics and some other meds. Well, it destroyed my stomach and now I have this cough that's driving me insane and I can't sleep unless I am totally upright...:-(. Not all. I am literally writing this post with some ointment on my chest and neck wrapped up with a scarf to see if it helps the freaking cough any. I generally have a hard time sleeping but this is going to be BAD. Not being able to participate or do anything for my workshop 21 Secrets has got me really, really frustrated. I'm hoping this blows over soon and I can get back to work. I did finish some mixed media pages I was working on and I started one for one of the classes. It's going to be a loooooooong night for me...;

This is a page I was working on a while ago that was unfinished and finally now, FINISHED...YAY !!!

I really enjoyed this piece...reminds me of my hippie days..LOL. !!!

OK, this is one I'm working on and not quite done yet...this is how it started;

This is where it's at right now..

OK, so I will say goodnight and ask you all to say a little prayer for me...let's hope my wrapped up scarf with the ointment will help my cough tonight....

Blessings...and nite..!!!!!!


  1. Feel better soon Yolanda!! Your two pages are beautiful!!

  2. Hi Yolanda! your journal pages are gorgeous! hope you feel better.