Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gifts of Compassion

Hi, there are things in life that sometimes get in the way of what we want to accomplish.  This has been the case for me on and off for quite sometime.  I have been painting again and have many ideas thought out (in my head)  That may be the case for some of you but not all of you. I an grateful for all of you who are constantly coming back to see if I'm still here and doing OK. I am very, very in debt to you and will try and keep doing better.
On the good side,  I am part of a group of women lead by Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong on a brand new Blog called Beauty of Sorrow.  We are dedicated to creating postcards for those who are in need of a pick-me up. If you know of someone who is ill, depressed , lonely, just needing a gesture of kindness these cards are just beautiful for this.  We all suffer from something ourselvesand our stories are posted on the blog.  Just hop on over and check it out for yourselves.  Regina, does a very good job at expressing what we are all about. 
Last week there were a bunch of cards printed and posted...they are being sold on Etsy....this is a pic of the first batch.  You can see them individually on the site or on the Blog.

The second batch will be posted tomorrow and here is a picture of can see them all on the site sometime tomorrow.

This is just the beginning, there are many more things coming down the road and we are counting on
you to help us all on our journey.  We all know that art is a wonderful and cathartic expression that
allows us to release and express ourselves in ways that truly touch, not only ours but the souls of others.

I am taking the LifeBook class as some of you may know with Tamara Laporte and it has been a great
ride.  It's still ongoing and here are a few of the projects I've created so far...

I'm also over at Artful Gathering taking a class with Jodi Ohl called "Sweet Art".  The first session
is over and the second starts very soon.  If you are interested there is still time to join in. Many, wonderful classes being given there.
So much I want to say right now but I am lacking in words.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be back with a post showing you all the brand new postcards.  Til then, Blessings to all of life is truly fuller with all of you ....thanks so much...<3<3<3


  1. Thank you so much, Yolanda !!! I'm going to link to this blogpost on my blog !!!!! mmmmmmwha~ your postcards are so so so beautiful ! :D

  2. Hi Yolanda! Great post about Gifts of Compassion! I'll be posting the link on my wall, on our FB page ( on Twitter (!/GiftOfCmpassion). Oh, and I've also linked to it on our pinterest page:
    Blessings to you :)

  3. I saw some of your postcards... they're AWESOME!