Monday, October 3, 2011

Feeling The Muse ...

Hi, I am so happy that my video got so many awesome responses from all of you.  My email and all the sites I am part of have been amazing.  So much so, that I am definitely feeling the muse again. I've begun doing my daily practice sketches in the evening and I'm made a few "Dollies" inspired by Ady's class over at Dolldreams.  I've also been participating over at Wild Precious COA (church of art) on Sundays where Effy does a livestream and together we create art. My room is almost ready and soon I will definitely be showing you a picture of it finished. In the meantime here are a few of the things I've been working on lately. 

There pieces are inspired from Ady's class over at Doll these cuties. I am still working on them so bare with me.

These are my practice sketches I've been doing late at night, sometimes while I'm talking to my SS Michele way into the night.

This one is a tower painting in my journal inspired from a class over at A Lovely Dream with Suzi Blu.
I still have lots of catching up to do with all of my projects but I am feeling good that I am able to feel well enough to start "creating" again.  I've met some amazing people here . I never thought this would be such a Healing journey for me.  I am practicing on my video skills so I will be able to share my process with all of you. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week, it's already October...crazy huh?  Christmas is just around the corner...WOW.   Blessings lovely people....Big Hugs...Yolanda


  1. Good to see you painting and posting again!!

  2. Your creations are amazing! All is just fine I see....more than fine!!!!